who is wale dating 2016 - Dating a gemini male

The real problem is, they’re just so darn good at EVERYTHING that they don’t want to limit themselves to just ONE thing.You see, the “mutable signs” are the most adaptable and flexible – interested in everything (and sometimes EVERYONE) and multi-talented.

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Since he’s a sucker for communication and media, get ready to text your twin lover like crazy.

In fact, a great gift for him would be the latest cell phone with Internet connection, games, and the ability to play videos (of you! He’ll love technical gizmos, so have all the latest video game equipment, the most cutting-edge wide-screen, high-def, flat television you can afford (with Tivo and cable), and a fabulous sound system. Be sure to have an active social life and several magazine subscriptions, or your Gemini man may start to feel restless. If you’re a Gemini gal, this will be one of the few things that can actually quiet your mind.

And if you’re involved with this whirling dervish of a man, his brain may ZING, ZIP, and ZOOM around so much that he can’t sleep.

If you pay attention to his mind, join him in his hobbies, and engage him in lots of conversation, you may find that those nasty rumors are all lies – he’s easy to pin down after all!

For this reason, I’ve created an entire program on the “nakshatras” called, “Signs Of Compatibility – A Celestial Guide To You And Your Relationships Using The TRUE Love Zodiac.” This program teaches you how to easily run your own charts and learn all about ANYONE in your life, and then do the most important compatibility techniques between you and any man in your life all by yourself – without having to call a professional astrologer!