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Unlike my article series on Tinder where I berated my fellow females for letting their brain cells jump off of a cliff while deserting their still-present and Tindering bodies- this article series will be geared towards informing the boys.

Navigating 18-24 year old females can be incredibly confusing, so I will help where I can.

While the burden of asking and paying for a date is no longer expected of the guy, the Womens Forum report suggested that there are still very few girls who would ask a guy out on a date.

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The ever unclear hooking up seems to be the most widespread phrase favored by college students.

study of college women sponsored by the Independent Womens Forum, an advocacy group, found that hooking up was defined as when a girl and a guy get together for a physical encounter and dont necessarily expect anything further, with the definition of a physical encounter ranging anywhere from kissing to having sex.

Not all girls share in the hesitancy of approaching someone who interests them.

sophomore Caty Wagner, of Connecticut, has no hesitation about asking a guy out. Dating may have become more casual in recent years, but it is no less complicated.

It also feels great to be the one whose boyfriend is the entrée to all of these great activities.