Dating a high schooler while in college

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The comedy is well balanced, it's not straight up slapstick, but it does make you chuckle from time to time..

I feel like this drama could be described as mature and alternative, if you will.

It's about ties of relationships, of family, friends and colleagues. I don't mind them having intense romance in the beginning, but it should've ended in a more...subtle way. This might be one of the best drama's I've ever watched.

Watch it, but put away your judgements at the door. This is the drama that started my obsession with older woman/younger man romance lol. People who commended that the actress is not pretty,look again. This is the first drama of Seo In Guk that I've watched.. Actually, the last episode should've ended in Min Suk's brother's revenge. I just finished episode eight, and I still have high hopes for the coming episodes.

Lee Ha-na was quirky and was a lovable, nerdy, young woman coming into her own womanhood. I loved the acting of the 2 male lead roles(I commend you for that) but I can't bear it any longer so I will stop watching now. It's not about their ages...because it not a problem to me but this girl should be sweet and little crazy not weird. Tbh I love both male leads but I feel so sad for lee soo hyuk! It must have been horribly awkward for him to be kissing someone like her in the drama. The transition, reasoning and script was very well-thought. The cast were all brilliant and enormous fun to watch, but none so much as Seo In Guk who carried the drama on his shoulder making us care so very much for his story and point of view. I am sure Lee Ha-Na was very worn out by the time ep12 was completed. Min Sook really likes Popcorn sister JUST AS SHE IS!

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