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Like the time a boyfriend got me a Claddagh ring (Mc Debbie?

) with this huge gaudy synthetic emerald (and the gold around it looked like it was about to turn the same color sometime soon) but I know that he tried. Theyll dye a diamond 15 different colors never mind the natural prism effect. One person once went out of their way to get me a certain brand of fragrance and that gesture I appreciated.

Fast forward a couple of decades when Im dating a junk collector (did I just un-flatter myself? Which is fine except that someone had a reason to throw it out, it barely worked! It was a Christmas reindeer wearing red and green plaid.

One day he comes home and gives me a stuffed animal that someone at work was going to throw out, again, with good reason. Couldnt even get me a Maccabee moose, brings me a Xmas reindeer! From your mouth into G-ds ears (yuck, I heard this growing up!

Or maybe theyre just trying to empty their overcrowded bookcases (Im wise to you!