Dating a man with no car Virtual dating sim adult

People don't joke around when they say a car is freedom.America is built around the motor vehicle and in many rural and suburban areas you are extremely limited in what you can do if you don't have a car. As for the question, I think it's a bit of a stereotype that you need to have a car to "take someone out." It helps but I can't see how that should be a good reason to not date anyone you like.

Granted one of them turned out to be some crazy ex-gangbanger who was trying to go straight but ended up freaking out on me and threatening to have people come to my home and beat me up. It might depend on where you live, and your general transportation situation.

Like say, if you don't live in a heavily urban area where you can walk/bike places, and your only source of transportation is bumming rides off of your parents/friends it could maybe make things awkward.

Walking is actually a pretty nice date activity, gives you time to have a conversation and if you cant think of anything to say, just comment on your surroundings. Besides, you can work having no car to your advantage: a walk to and from the place can be romantic (depending on the distance, though) and if walking is out of the question then ordering a cab is definitely a standard move.

A first date can and does leave a solid impression so make it unique, or at least interesting. :)Yeah, I went out with a couple girls in high school and didn't actually get my license/a car until I was 18.

Do let her know because that's common courtesy but otherwise go for it.