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The goal isn’t to find a good guy; it’s to find a guy who’s good for you.

No matter how nice this guy is, he’s just not doing it for you; you sound fairly sure that this relationship is holding you back.

I worked with this guy in the summer and we became good friends. and I never got the vibe that he was into me as anything more than a friend. It sounds like this guy was tipsy, horny, and flirty. and asked you to come over, I’ll bet all of Earth’s money that he wasn’t asking you to come over as a friend. Maybe he was too drunk, too shy, or too surprised that you actually came over to seduce you. Why didn’t he pursue you once he sobered up and why has he ghosted? Maybe he felt embarrassed that he’d booty-texted in the middle of the night. Probably, he just likes you as a friend — and doesn’t generally see you that way, and maybe doesn’t know how to text that.

I knew he had a girlfriend so other than very harmless flirting, we were just friends. that same night and asked me to come over to just chill. Then, when I left his house, he sent me some very flirty texts and told me I should have stayed over, and if he ever got the chance he would take it. You two had been clear that you were just friends, but once he had a few drinks, he probably figured: Why not? Now that he’s made your friendship awkward, he might not know what to say.

As for waiting until he’s in a more stable place, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t check in a year from now, once his divorce is legal and he’s had a bit of time to clear his head.