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There is no evidence to suggest that she came to physical harm so it is logical to believe she is still alive and still out there. Gerry and Kate, carrying Madeleine's favourite Cuddle Cat in her hand, were faced with the sudden shock of their daughter disappearing in 2007 and then felt police meant to be hunting for her treated them badly Madeleine Mc Cann's hairbrush has been returned to her parents today.Private investigator Daniel Krugel was given it by Kate and Gerry Mc Cann after her disappearance in the hope its hair could be used for DNA matching.

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Report author Jim Gamble, former head of CEOP, said that 'frequent criticism of the Portuguese investigation led to accusations the UK was acting like 'a colonial power'.'The intervention of British detectives also created a sense of 'frustration' and 'resentment' among Portuguese officers, he found, and the decision to put Leicestershire Police in charge of the operation was a mistake because the force was ill-equipped to deal with such a big investigation.

His report states: 'The Mc Canns have had a turbulent relationship with both Portuguese and UK law enforcement.

Portuguese police say Scotland Yard's £11million investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine Mc Cann has been a 'waste of money' in yet another rift.

Ten years to the day since Maddie vanished, Carlos Anjos, the former head of the country's Policia Judiciaria officers' union, also said the Met's theory that Madeleine was taken in a botched burglary is 'absurd'.

Cruelly, their tormentor ex Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral insisted in a TV interview on Monday that Maddie's body had been hidden in a dead woman's coffin and cremated – a claim their spokesman Clarence Mitchell dismisses as 'so insane it is almost laughable.'In Liverpool, where Kate hails from and her parents Susan and Brian Healy live, prayers will also be said.

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