what does the term dating mean - Dating a prostate cancer survivor

Ask about ways to protect yourself and your partner.

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Concerns that you may need to speak with your doctor about include: Even your partner may experience these mental health challenges. Before use, ask your doctor about potential risks and side effects of any drugs or devices.

It’s important to discuss sexuality and sexual health with your partner, as well as potential barriers to intimacy. Your health care team can also help you manage your emotional health and how it affects your sexuality.

Use a condom to protect your partner from exposure. This provides protection if a radiation seed comes out.

During chemotherapy, pregnancy risk from sex without a condom is lower. Plan to avoid conception until at least 2 months after chemotherapy ends.

Nerves that start an erection may be removed or damaged during surgery to these parts of the body. Meanwhile, a colostomy, urostomy, or testicle removal may affect a man’s confidence and body image. These strategies may increase the chance of regaining erections after surgery: Radiation therapy.