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You can continue to add letters of recommendation to ERAS, even after your residency applications have gone out.

This allows you to update your application with recommendations from your 4th year electives, Sub I’s and clerkships.

Attach a copy of your CV and your personal statement.

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Most programs ask for three or four letters of recommendation.

A recommendation from a faculty member in the program you are applying to can carry significant weight as may a letter from a faculty member who knows the residency director in that program.

Ask your letter writers early and communicate your deadline to them. When possible, include faculty who have observed you in your fourth year electives and clerkships where you functioned more independently.

The grades from Summer B and Autumn A will not be in your MSPE, and thus their assessment of your work will add new information to your application.

Letter writers need at least 4-6 weeks of advance notice to complete a letter.