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Jay Leno, Whoopie Goldberg, and Ellen De Generes all featured the product on their shows. His application has been buzzed about all over the media and pranksters everywhere love the 26 flatulent noises it encompasses, including, “Record-A-Fart,” “Fart-a-Friend,” and “Sneak Attack.” The app was downloaded 113,885 times during its first two weeks on the market.

The buzz has led to Snuggie pub crawls, You Tube Snuggie mockery clips and a lot of gag gifts. To date, Joel and his company Info Media have netted somewhere in the ballpark of 0K.

Then party on afterwards with The Pan-European, Shamanic Disco Boogie Collective, TOTAL GIOVANNI DJ’s All hosted by the one, the only RICHARD ‘I had a moustache seven years ago’ HIGGINS Continuing our dedication to theatre you can watch with an amber beverage in hand, we’re nestling into a brand new venue, HOWLER in Brunswick!

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Since 2008, Allstar, a direct-response marketing company, has sold more than 35 million Snuggies.

The excess of $500 million in revenue is astonishing for a single product during five years, considering the annual sales of some public specialty retailers, which sell a wide array of clothing and accessories: $617 million at American Apparel and $800 million at Pac Sun, to name a few.

I shall keep you no longer, go forth and purchase your sleeved blanket from a purveyor of awesomeness!

By now you’re probably squirming in your seat with excitement, eagerly waiting to buy your Snuggie.

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