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I watched quite a few Brazilian men visit prostitutes while staying married with their wife. A man doesn’t have to apologize for having a male sex drive.Compare this to the epidemic of women cheating on their husbands, and I would say American women are very masculine compared to women in other countries.The worst thing a local Brazilian may do is pull a knife on you. African-Americans aren’t really Americans in a traditional sense.

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Chances are you will start going after Caucasian and Asian women if things don’t work out with the black girls. You have black women that look like: Plus, you don’t need to be a millionaire or over 6 feet tall to hook up with them.

I found myself staring at a different woman every 10 seconds on my first trip to Rio De Janeiro.

I’m tired of hearing all the lies and BS about Brazilian women only wanting money or coming to the United States.

I met dozens of women and can only remember 2 who wanted to live in the United States.

Another amazing benefit is the largest pool of Black women to choose from.