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Source: China Fisheries Statistics Yearbooks 19 In recent years, rice fish farming has started to grow from small-scale production and has developed into an important and growing commercial activity.

In 2003 the paddy areas for fish farming were expanded to 1.56 million hectares with a total output of 1.024 million tonnes.

The development of aquaculture has helped to create job opportunities in China's fishery regions and rural areas.

In 2003 the total number of full-time workers involved in aquaculture production was about 4.3 million (working more than 6 months a year).

Carps are the major species cultured, but Chinese river crab ( Marine and brackish water aquaculture has grown rapidly over the last two decades together with diversified culture systems from ponds to floating rafts, pens, cages (inshore, offshore and submerged), indoor tanks with water re-circulation, sea bottom culture and sea ranching.

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