Dating and job search

With the goal to ease the often tiring and frustrating process of looking for a job, Silicon Valley creatives are also tapping into the smartphone space to help employees land their dream job.

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(Image: File) Looking for both employment and a significant other can be a full-time job within itself.

With studies showing that a growing number of professionals worldwide are working more than the standard 40-hour work week, it’s clear that finding the time for dating and new job prospects is quickly becoming more of a difficult task.

What can a job seeker do during the interview to try and assess if it’s a right fit or not? Greer: The first thing is, take inventory of your emotional state. How do you help people cope with rejection when it feels like it’s happening over and over again? Greer: The natural, knee-jerk reaction is to take it personally and say, “I’m not good enough; I’m not as good as everybody else.” What you want to keep in mind is it’s really not about you. Greer: The first thing is to notice something about them that’s appealing to you that you like and express it. Monster: Let’s assume you got the job, and now it’s your first week.

When you’re meeting the interviewer, are you feeling comfortable with them? You have to toughen your skin and not take other people’s needs personally. They’ve seen your resume—now they want to see if they like you enough to work with you for eight hours a day. What’s your advice for making a good first impression? Greer: Rather than making assumptions about how things work, ask questions. Also, there might be all kinds of feelings brewing under the surface about your arrival that you’re not privy to.

Hiring managers do the same activity on potential candidate profiles and when there’s a match, both Switch users are notified. Poachable: Launched by a group of ex-Microsoft, Google and Amazon employees, Poachable is another app that’s being compared to Tinder, where you enter your desired job, location, credentials, and current employer and then the site matches you to potential employers who are looking for candidates like you.