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Certainly Egyptians seem to have taken mates in what most often appears to be lifelong monogamous relationships.After the Third Intermediate period we begin to find ancient "marriage contracts" that incorporate the phrase shep en shemet (price for "marrying" a woman) and mostly set out property rights without elaborating on the act of marriage itself.

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In tales from Egyptian mythology, gods marriage between brothers and sisters and fathers and daughters were common from the earliest periods, and so Egyptian kings may have felt that it was a royal prerogative to do likewise.

However, there are also theories that brother/sister marriages may also have strengthened the king's claim to rule.

Little written evidence of either true marriage ceremonies or marriages as a concept has been found.

Usually there was a grand party associated with the joining of two people, but we believe it was simply a social affair and had no real religious or legal bearing.

Interestingly, the word hi is the male counterpart to hemet but seems to have been rarely used.