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But seriously, authors Allan and Barbara Pease have in been the body language game for many a long year – since the 1980’s, so they are eminently qualified to help us identify and understand the behaviours and mannerisms that go hand in hand with meeting and communicating with attractive strangers for the very first time.

“The Body Language of Love” covers such topics as how to play the mating game, how to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex, speed dating, first dates, parties, internet dating as well as the secrets of successful relationships.

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Well usually you'd proceed to the counter to pay for it..for this book, I finished the entire thing in oen go, haha.

Felt a bit bad, cause a bookstore just became a library.

Well, it is enlightening to know how to interpret a certain mannerism but I don’t think it applies to everyone else.

The tips the book provides for maintaining a healthy relationship is also passe, it has already been handed out and discussed a million times in different talks and books so I don’t find it that appealing anymore. You’ll notice if you go to the author’s page on Good Reads this is how he is described:“Despite having no education in psychology, neuroscience, or psychiatry, he has managed to establish himself as an "expert on relationships”.”The book is a mixture of incredibly obvious advice (people nod in conversations to show they're listening!

Anyways the book is not a manual about body language in general, its specifically just on normal romantic gestures.

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