Dating assholes Cexo chat

It’s the —where both parties are brought together not by the audience but by their insecurities and inadequacies.

All that “You can’t love anyone until you love yourself” stuff? And if you’re choosing to date guys with major issues, you’re just as guilty as he is.

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Unfortunately, there are lot of men who try to sneak a 75-pound trunk onto the plane and protest that it has wheels so it’s technically a carry-on.

Women with issues are the ones who choose these guys.

The difference is that the healthy and rational people have at least the process of digesting all of that stuff and placing it in some sort of perspective so that it doesn’t have to become your problem.

They know from suffering, just as much as the ones who sit around brooding into their beers and writing free verse and dragging everyone else into their little theater of agony.

Women who have their act together simply don’t have the patience.