Dating atkins saws

I have no idea what someone would charge to sharpen a two man crosscut saw blade, but I did manage to find an older guy my age that's willing to do it for /foot, which really sounds good considering the time it will take and the fact that everything is done by hand (I think.) I found one guy in Montana that would do it for /foot, but he's too far away.Bill The last picture of the handle looks like a Disston 114.

The tooth pattern is the Perforated Lance Tooth style, and using my digital calipers I confirmed the blade is Crescent Taper ground.

The blade is 77 1/2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide at the ends.

Some of the competition saw filers will charge more per foot.

Your saw is a general use saw, so should be sharpened for the more standard pricing.

He had no handsaws there and I am not sure how much he knows about them.) His point was not that an old medallion could have been put on a newer saw as a kind of fraud, but rather that the medallion had little to do with age.