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There are hundreds of comments discussing what some women would do to Meeks and how attractive he was.The internet did what it does best and even started raising money for his bail. They also turned him into a meme and started Photoshopping him into fashion ads.But occasionally he’ll slip and say something that makes me realize he’s lying and isn’t as together as he leads on. What do you think about Jeremy Meeks being called a hot felon?

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He told me he’s doing well, has his life together and wants to go back to school.

The optimist in me wants to believe him because I genuinely want him to do well.

This bad boy and I are sort of friends now and talk occasionally.

He was a huge part of my life, and it’s hard to let that go, even though it’s been several years since I got out of that situation. Thankfully, I was able to break that cycle of manipulation so I can see through it all.

But now he says he's over his womanizing ways."There's a time where it was like, just getting p---y," he said in a recent interview.

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