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I’d rather use the family bathroom, but it seems like it is always taken when I need it the most.

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If there is, for some extreme reason, an occasion that necessitates inter-personal communication, eye contact is strictly prohibited.

Stand, stock still, eyes forward like a Marine on inspection. When standing at the sink, it’s okay to look at yourself in the mirror, but absolutely never should peeking at your neighbor be allowed. If you dribble on the seat, leave a mess of water and soap around the sink or miss the waste basket with an errant paper towel, pick it up.

Repeat the backpacker’s mantra to yourself over and over: “Leave no trace.

Leave no trace.”Whether in a stall or at a urinal, keep your stance narrow and your positioning square against the target.

In the stall, a wide stance could lead to unexpected touching or, worse in the case of Senator Larry Craig, a political scandal. No one wants to touch boots while you’re doing that.

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