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Let a person or two get money from the ATM and then kill them. When you come back through the door, you will have on a new shirt. Pick up the money, walk away, go back and the money will be there. Get a Statue of Liberty T-shirt While walking, visit the Statue of Liberty and go up to the second floor. Repairing the engine Call 911 if your car does not work, and your vehicle will start.

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Sobo Hoe’s (aka Carmen Ortiz) profile indicates she is a “free spirit” but all her profile indicates has an interest in men.

That said, she dances suggestively with Elizabeta Torres at one point in the game.

Fly the helicopter to the Statue Of Liberty and jump out at the statue's feet.

When you land, you will be at statue's feet on a platform.

Fly on all helicopter tours of Liberty City Taking It For The Team: This is worth 10 points.