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Means that when you become bf and gf, (generally) it is considered that its possible you will marry in the future and have that in mind.

Having said that, the boyfriends concern would be to make sure he is earning enough so that he can provide for you.

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He didn’t explicitly say, but I just had the feeling.

One example is when we were in a shop, I came in with the intention to buy some things, but looked around and bought nothing.

Money and earning power is so important to the extent that there is a saying that if you want to marry you have to have the CAR, HOUSE and GOOD JOB, otherwise you are not marriageable as a man.

For the women, it is also common culture that if she is too highly educated, earning very high, or a whole class/social background all together from the guy, then quite often this is a deal breaker, no matter how in love the couple is.

Hi Everyone Lately there was a big hoohaa over the internet about the girl who posted quite negative things about dating Chinese men just after one blind date with a Chinese guy, so my darling friend and favourite blogger Jocelyn over at Speaking of China urged all girls who have experience to share their stories too, to show other versions and experiences with the following in mind: So before we get into my person experience with dating a Chinese man, lets get some facts straight.