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It is ‘obvious’ that chocolate is bad, or that wine is bad. Until we test out what we ‘know’ is true, then we are just perpetuating stereotypes.

“We can’t assume the obvious, because sometimes what we believe to be fact is colored by our social experience and expectation,” says Scott Haltzman, M. “A century ago, it was ‘fact’ that women couldn’t be expected to be intelligent enough to vote, and that women who were pregnant needed to avoid any heavy exercise.

Let's explore the platitudes and the real attitudes behind them. Reality: Keep swimming or you might drown out there all alone. Sure enough, you'll find yourselves laughing at the lame attempts to comfort you.

No other fish are biting right now - at least not any that you want to keep on your line. Reality: She knows exactly what she's missing, and that's why she's not here anymore.

And people are fascinated by the results even if they could have predicted them as common-sense outcomes, says Haltzman: “People are drawn to reading about and hearing about these studies because humans are social animals, and on an unconscious level, we are constantly trying to make sense of social cues to improve our own standing among our peers.