Dating consulting services dating a pregnancy

When you're an expert or authority in your market, people will often seek you out for help and advice.

In my case, I literally receive hundreds of e-mails and messages everyday asking for my help, advice or to mentor people.

I had the opportunity to travel with this person around Canada and the U.

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While I wish I could help everyone and had an unlimited amount of time, it's unrealistic for me to think that.

That's why I decided to create coaching programs for those that wish to work with me 1-on-1 or at least in a group coaching format.

We started by offering 1-on-1 coaching and then eventually hosted our own seminars and workshops.

Our business model was to offer free seminars in our city, have up to 20-30 people attend, offer massive value to them for free, and then up-sell them on one of our 3-day bootcamps.

Every month we'd need to get enough clients to fill our seminars with and to be able to work with 1-on-1 to cover our monthly expenses.