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Famously make-up free and fresh-faced, the singer wore shades and as she waited for the police to check her vehicle, only to be attract the attention of fans.The smiling singer seemed happy to pose for photographs with anyone who wanted a snap, grinning from ear to ear and doling out hugs to her loyal admirers.Actually, this is not only about using makeup or not.

Valéria Aragão, head of Rio’s tourist police department, argued for the trail inside Tijuca National Park to be shut until sufficient police can be stationed there for hikers’ protection. “I have a meeting with the park to deal with this officially.

“Patrolling in the region will never be efficient because human resources in the security forces are overwhelmingly under-resourced,” she told The Rio Times. We have already pointed out the vulnerabilities.” After a sharp rise in the number of attacks, volunteers nailed posters to trees showing the image of a gun and the words “Be cautious.

The Butterflies singer was pulled over in her car in Rio De Janeiro as she arrived in Santa Teresa.

In Brazil to perform at concert Rock in Rio, the songstress, 36, happily obliged as she was asked to step out of the car for the check, but ended up being mobbed by passers-by who noticed who she was.

The 15-time Grammy winner was pictured wearing just a little blush and moisturizer and had added lustre to her skin with the use of a small roller made of jade stone, which was previously cooled down in the refrigerator.