is ashley leggat dating - Dating delilah life under the influence

My family glory, hijacked and diverted by dark powers, B-R-E-A-K LOOSE AND OVERTAKE ME NOW!!!

O KING OF GLORY, Change me from glory to glory, in the name of Jesus. Every Goliath defying and saying No to my glory, your time is up: DIE!

I confront the strange power of Ichabod which stole the glory of my family line, with the blood of Jesus: You shall not separate me from the presence of God, therefore, RESTORE MY ANCESTRAL GLORY TO ME NOW AND DEPART BY FIRE!!!

Every spirit of Delilah assigned to sap my virtue and shave off my glory your time is up: S-C-A-T-T-E-R UNTO DESOLATION!!!

Any dark plantation in my life that would make God declare ‘where art thou?