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Blasted 14 stories straight up through solid granite, a mountain elevator safely transports all who venture here to the "Eagles Nest" platform, where the most spectacular view of Seven Falls is experienced.The Pikes Peak postcard features a very colorful view of the famous peak from Colorado Spring's Pike Avenue.These vintage Denver postcards were published by Elmer C. Seven Falls located in South Cheyenne Canyon, features seven separate falls as they splash and tumble 181 feet down a sheer granite cliff.

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Next to the Falls, a 224-step stairway leads to a system of trails that will take you to "Midnight Falls" and then onto Inspiration Point with a breath-taking view of Colorado Springs and the great plains beyond.

Wildlife is everywhere, including hummingbirds, rainbow trout and the rare, waterfall nesting- American Dipper.

Each August, runners compete in the Pikes Peak Marathon.

The 26 mile record, up and down Barr Trail, is three hours and 24 minutes. FREE US shipping, Canada and Mexico $3.00, Elsewhere $5.00. To view other like products click the store link, which will show you my store categories.

Palmer High School founded in 1875 was named after General Palmer (1836-1908) who founded the city of Colorado Springs in 1871. The first individual of whom we have definite knowledge is a Louis Ehrich of New York who arrived in 1882.