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Her travels had not only opened her horizons, but given her the chance to encounter men whose hearts felt close to her.

Nouran was convinced that she could find a lifelong partner away from Egypt, but she knew she would never be allowed to by her family.

“I believe Islam was meant to be liberating especially for oppressed women,” she adds, “And I really can’t understand the fact behind marrying someone despite his character flaws just because they’re Muslim.” Walks and frowns Malak* met her husband while he was carrying out an internship in her hometown Cairo.

Having started dating at the fresh age of 19, her family met him and was quickly fond of her English fiancé who knew, however, that he would have to convert to Islam in order to marry her.

“I was lucky because he knew Arabic very well and had always had an interest in Islam and the Qur’an, so converting for him was not a problem; he actually fasts more than I do,” says Malak.