Dating elgin wrist watch

Railroad men always wanted wristwatches in the 1950s, but the powers said that the wristwatches were too small and they did not keep good enough time to be allowed as a true railroad watch. Ball’s family made the first watch to be of official railroad standard.

14 karat yellow gold hinged back and front ornately engraved case. Multicolor ornate glass enamel dial with gold inlay and black fancy arabic numerals and yellow Louis XIV style hands.

Jeff Hess talks about the history, mechanics, and evolution of wristwatches, discussing some of the major manufacturers and designers.

I collected pocket watches until my grandfather gave me his old wristwatch when I was about 18.

It was a real funny-looking, old thing, and I thought it was an interesting design, a little bit different.

Had I known then, of course, I would have bought every single one that he had, but that really ramped up my collecting of anything that connected with Hamilton Electric, especially those unusual designs that were designed by Richard Arbib.