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I loved the way it held my hair, but I had to return it.

Thinking I was going to have to use an unscented hairspray in a different brand, I was elated to find that Loreal has their Elnett in an unscented version.

Its micro-diffuser spray offers a clean, soft shiny finish. Great product but not useful if you can't get it out of the can, this was the first time I splurged and bought some and I doubt I will again, It's too bad because I have used L'Oreal products for over 30 years but my first with this product.....there replacement caps?

I highly recommend other L'Oréal products hence the 0-10 recommendation but certainly not this one. I am willing to overlook it since it dissipates quickly and doesn't settle in the hair.

This one holds the style without making my hair flat. I do not notice any smell when using the gold can formulas or the white can I have left This product is very good, soft and combable, not sticky, does not make hair feel dirty the next day.

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