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New Business Occupation Tax Certificate is based on gross receipts or 0 per year.

Renewal Business Occupational Tax Certificate fee is 0 for each professional employee or a calculated tax fee based on the number of employees and projected taxable gross receipts.

As you exit the elevator, the security office will be in front of you. Physical Security: Compliance provides input for design and construction plans to ensure Airport projects meet the physical security and TSA requirements to protect families and facilities.

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New companies, authorized signatory replacements and secondary authorized signatories are required for orientation at 2 p.m. Fingerprinting: Two forms of original/official identification are required to be fingerprinted. Contract Guard Security Services: Compliance also manages the company that provides physical access control to the Airport’s restricted areas and conducts monthly performance reviews to ensure the highest level of security is maintained.

Once cleared, fingerprint clearance letters are sent to the authorized signatories. – noon Wednesday Disposition Review: Individuals who fail the criminal history background check have 30 days to come in to discuss the results of their fingerprint submission. Custom’s Seal Process – Individuals who seek to upgrade/renew their security identification badge and customs seal can begin the fingerprinting and application process 60 days before their badge expiration date. Our SIDA training service hours of operation are as follows: a.m.

The Fulton Industrial District of Fulton County includes those areas inside the #70 Taxing District.

Business Occupational Certificates are issued on behalf of Fulton County by Revenue Discovery Systems (RDS), a third party contractor.

If your are unsure if your business is located in the unincorporated areas of Fulton County, Please click on the following link to confirm the appropriate Municipality to obtain your business license:

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