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So it’s no surprise that Oprah Winfrey has also been a force and inspiration for many of us sartorially, exuding strength, confidence and sometimes her own personal struggle, through her clothing and appearance.

The woman responsible for Winfrey’s style for over a decade is Chicago-based fashion expert Kelly Hurliman, who dressed the media mogul for two talk shows a day, plus premiers and personal appearances.

“Right now more than ever it feels better to accept yourself where you are at.

We’re seeing more images in magazines and on the runway of women in all sizes and it finally feels like there’s a freedom, appreciation and gratitude. Most designers are not used to dressing for anything over a size 2, so it was a lot of collaboration and I found that they were super open to it.

Everyone deserves this high level of quality fashion.” In Hurliman’s role as Winfrey’s stylist, she had front row access to every major designer; often collaborating with them to create gowns and dresses for special events as well as daytime looks for television.