Dating for farmers only

He said surveyor supervisors have been “very cordial” and cooperative when asked to leave properties.

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Ian Reilly placed himself between them and the pasture. The man directly facing Reilly said he was with the crew’s safety team.

He said the surveyors would not venture farther until law enforcement arrived. Ultimately, Wall agreed to remove the surveyors from the farm.

First, Ian Reilly drove to Boones Mill to see whether survey crews were staging, as they often did when working in Franklin County, at the Shell service station and convenience store. Carolyn Reilly had walked through the farm’s bottomland pasture to reach a wooded spot along Teel and Little creeks where the family expected that the crew would venture off a neighboring property to access Four Corners Farm.

Mountain Valley has its eye on the pasture, envisioning burying the company’s pipeline across the field where existing lines feed water to troughs meant to keep the farm’s cows out of the creeks.

When it became clear to Reilly that they intended to cross the creek and venture onto the farm, she instructed her mother to summon help from the sheriff’s office.