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Voices in the video could be heard taunting her, saying among other things: "The boss lady said that if you don’t wash the dishes, she will slap the black off you…and she called you a bitch.” The aide pleaded guilty to one count of willful violation of health laws, a misdemeanor.

Date: March 2013 Facility: Greenfield Health and Rehabilitation Center City: Lancaster State: NY Type of facility: Nursing home How it became public: News story, criminal charges Social media site: Snapchat Description: A nurse aide took photos of an incontinent resident's genitals covered in fecal matter and shared them with another staff member on Snapchat.

He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of willful violation of health laws and was given a year of conditional discharge and community service.

In its plan of correction, the home said the photo was removed from Instagram and no other residents were affected. The director of nursing services said "it was brought to my attention by (staff) that on (another staff's social media website) posted something that said 'this is why I love my job' and then there were people's feet but no faces and (Resident #3) was singing.

I didn't do an investigation because there was no identifiable people and not sure if (Administrator) might have spoke to (her/him)." The home did not return multiple calls seeking comment.

The resident involved was not harmed but certainly it was a serious incident." Date: April 2013 Facility: Autumn Care of Norfolk City: Norfolk State: VA Type of facility: Nursing home How it became public: Government inspection report Social media site: not specified Description: A newly hired nursing assistant posted a picture of a resident with Down's Syndrome on a social media network without consent.