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Im 6 weeks pregnant and really need someone to hold me i feel so alone and scared the daddy is a ******* so its whatever. For any creepers so message me if your looking for something real who loves thought of being pregnant and loves breeding (being pregnant many times) and loves the feeling of breastfeeding her partner and cuddling and spooning with her boyfriend and loves breastfeeding very much and want a man to want me. I have so many emotions and needs, but it's hard for me to think any man would want to date or just "be with" a pregnant woman. In a perfect world couples would pro-create and go on to co-parent effectively for 18 years and beyond even if they don’t remain in a romantic relationship.But in the real world, sadly most women end up single parents before then can even clearly read the positive sign on a pregnancy test.

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Between doctor’s appointments, being paranoid over every tingle or twinge, morning sickness and all the other symptoms that a woman’s body and brain goes through when she’s preparing to give birth, I can’t imagine the added stress of getting to know someone new.

I am not saying that single, pregnant women should ward off every interaction with males while expecting like the plague, but the truth is pregnancy changes everything.

I apologize to not English my knowledge, but I hope that you understand me I am a long time ago I want to having a child, adore children too, but I did not see a woman understand .. The only down fault is not having someone to caress every inch of my body. It would be amazing to be able to both be able to take a preggy out together on a date or two. It seems like such a thrill to know that my seed is good and that the two of us will bring another life into this world. The "experts" say that a wet dream isn't so much a dream as it just hormones going off in your sleep, but I beg to differ.

Its something about the way the belly swells up and everything about the woman changes. it when since after I only get to rub some female Frenzs only then no more it can feel the baby moving and so fun to listen on the stomach and keep rubbing it and when you disturb on the tummy the baby move of the baby sleeping ohoo too bad hehehe so great Okay so im 10 weeks pregnant. Even if I meet a girl that loves to pretend to be pregnant...

I'd love a chance to talk with someone who is pregnant, and would definitely date as well. Im so needy when Im pregnant I need to be touched,held told Im beautiful constantly.