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They would go about doing this for around 5 or so statements, because almost after every one, Brad would have to make some lame joke or pun himself.Then afterwards, I guess to appease the old school fans of the show, the bachelorette would ask one question to all 3 bachelors and they would give their answer in old school Dating Game Form.It was as if daytime TV was completely devoid of game shows.

The rest of the show is just one big step downward.

Instead of one woman or man asking 3 mysterious bachelors a bunch of questions, you know, like how the Dating Game normally works.

Now it's just, here they are, you know the names, let's do something. Well, like I said, Instead of the bachelorette asking random questions, the new producers thought that it would be brilliant to rip off Studs by having the picker see 2 "punny" statements pertaining to one of the 3 bachelors.

They would pick one and then the person that fit that statement, would explain why that is true.

But its sister show, The Dating Game also underwent quite a few changes as well. To start, we got Whose Line regular Brad Sherwood as host.