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an audience member and Iranian refugee to Canada, told the hushed crowd about the time, a few years ago, he had been drugged and attacked by a man he had met on Scruff, and how he still has to take anxiety medicines to ease his pain and his intense feelings of vulnerability.

Ali said he went to the police, but was told they didn’t have enough information to lay charges.

With the proliferation of dating apps and websites, today’s singles are increasingly turning to screens for hookups, dates and long-term love.

Members of the task force told the community that there are no updates to be released publicly yet.

“Sadly, I don’t have new information for you,” said police inspector Peter Code, adding that even if they did, “we couldn’t share it publicly as we cannot speak about evidence.

Toronto guys aren't as laid back as Aussies, but they're still friendly.

It seems every time I go out to a bar, I'm approached by pretty standup men. I prefer to meet people organically, in person, and I believe our paths will inevitably cross if I'm doing things I'm already interested in.

Clare Mc Neil, 24, studying for a master's in business Dating in Toronto is great!