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It created a disconnect and we often felt that lack of closeness when we woke up.2.

This was noticeably frustrating and decreased our sexual activity — leaving us both unsatisfied.5.

Birth Control You know how birth control commercials always state that women over 25 should not smoke while on the pill, Nuva Ring, Ortho Evra patch, etc.? There is evidence that birth control's effectiveness can lessen or even cause heart problems when you’re a smoker, depending on conditions such as the type of birth control, your age and the amount you smoke per day.

But I know that I needed a lot of other reasons that I could actually see and experience right away to help encourage me to quit, since the accompanying health problems tend to come about a lot slower and feel less tangible until it's often too late.

Sadly, smoking definitely affects relationships, too; just another reason to drop the habit, right? Bedtime When I was in a relationship with a guy who didn't smoke, I was a moderate- to -heavy-smoker (6-7 cigarettes a day).

Don't take a risk with your body like that; stick to the pill, not the pack.6.