Dating in haifa

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Charming coffee shops and restaurants help contribute to the Nachlaot experience. The Baka/German Colony neighborhood is a ten minute bus ride from downtown Jerusalem and offers great hangout opportunities on Rechov Emek Refaim and Derech Beit Lechem.

Tel Aviv is the Middle East’s “city that never sleeps.” On any Friday morning, you will see young foreigners having brunch at Gruzenbaum’s on Ahad Ha’am, Cafe Joe’s on David Hamelech, Tal Bagels near the Dizengoff mall, or at many other cafés on Shenkin, Bograshov and Allenby streets.

Of more than 50,000 Arabs living in Haifa before the war, only about 3,000 subsequently chose to remain under Israeli rule.

Despite this, Haifa is still cosmopolitan, with admixtures of Muslim and Christian Arabs (the latter mainly Maronites) and Bahāʾīs.

You will definitely meet many English speakers there.