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Dating in mendoza argentina

But for Fernando, Mauricio and El Ruso this will not be easy. See full summary ยป An unknown actress, who is dating with the director of the film in which she works, falls in love with the personality of the protagonist.

When the actor finds out his wife is dissatisfied with his true character, he will try to use his talent for acting to preserve the relationship.

Compared with A Boyfriend…this film is based on a more credible premise, and has some clever observations on playacting in real life and a few good jokes like Suar's screen name or a love scene with "Hitchcock music." However it does not wholly succeed; the script requires lengthy explanations from character to character that slow down the pace.

Suar and Bertuccelli play well together, and the rest of the actors do a very good job.

You will enjoy the dialog better if you are familiar with Buenos Aires slang, otherwise much is lost in translation.