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But, right now, there’s really not that much to go on. ’s report from sources about how “they are really into each other” and that “it’s still the early days so they want to keep things discreet, but they have a genuine connection and obviously a huge attraction” isn’t worth much gossip weight because it’s clear, from the timeline of how this story evolved, that they happened to see a photo of the two of them together and generated the narrative from there.So, as exciting as it would be, and as much as I don’t want to be a bummer, let’s not call it until there’s actually something to call.All the other pictures are of Gabriel with his daughter, Nahla.

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Sometimes we were struck by the fragile and forlorn quality of a certain structure (like the downtown Los Angeles building where Rudolph Valentino lived in 1919), and wanted to document its existence before a wrecking ball erases it from the landscape.

But just as often our decision about who and what to include after the first three rules were satisfied came down to a sixth sense that defies explanation.

Introduction When the term “movie star home” comes up in conversation, most people imagine a grand palace like Brad Pitt’s Beverly Hills mansion.

But the apartment buildings on the outskirts of Hollywood where the likes of Clark Gable lived in their pre-star days are movie star homes too-albeit of a more humble variety.

But, still, it was enough of a starting point for OK! Because of course it would totally be a good gossip story.

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