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He was profoundly unhappy.” In addition, it’s revealed the superstar was “exhausted,” had “low energy,” was “just miserable,” and “needed to step back, recalibrate, and then figure out his next move.” As Bieber fans will likely already be aware, since the leg cancellation the singer has stepped up his attendance at Hillsong Church in Los Angeles where he is a longtime member.

Sources say the star is now coming back to his old self.

As the has previously reported, the singer has longstanding mental health issues — depression and anxiety — which he revealed in numerous interviews back in 2015.

The Biebs’ continuing health concerns are likely part of the reason why he is reportedly now taking things slowly in the dating department.

It’s encouraging.” The confidante added, “He’s not completely there, but he’s definitely on his way.” After confirming that the Biebs is now emerging from a very dark place, the insider explained that “For a long time, it was just awful, but it’s not anymore.” The source says, “Justin is seeing the beauty around him,” before adding that, “he sees that his life is beautiful, that he’s beautiful.” They shared that although the Biebs is “young and rich,” that was “not enough.” Now, thanks to ongoing self-work and Hillsong church, he is “becoming emotionally and spiritually grounded, and the difference is written all over his face.” “It’s beautiful to watch,” the insider concludes.