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Two of these imaginary reference lines, the equator and the prime meridian, are called primary reference lines because they are where we start the numbering system. The north and south poles are the two imaginary points where the axis would enter and exit from the earth if the axis were a pole or a line (see Fig. The equatoris the imaginary primary reference line drawn around the earth halfway between the north and south poles.The half of the earth to the north of the equator is the northern hemisphere; the half to the south is the southern hemisphere (Fig. (The prefix hemi- means "half"; thus, hemisphere means "half-sphere.") The poles determine north and south directions.On the reverse trip home you fly from Japan to the United States.

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Movement toward the North Pole is northerly in direction.

Movement toward the South Pole is southerly in direction.

As a British colony, Kiribati was centered in the Gilbert Islands, just west of the old date line.

The distant Phoenix and Line Islands were on the other side of the date line.

Now eastern Kiribati and Hawaii, which are located in the same area of longitude, are a whole day apart.