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Next Now put the dildo in your pussy Next Put it in your pussy now No just shove it in there, Mina! Say "Hi Mina, come on in." "Come in and shut the door, Mina." "If you want to keep your job, you will listen very carefully. Now turn around so that I may examine your uniform from all angles." "Turn back around. Again." Next Next "Spread your legs and expose your pussy to me." "Spread open your pussy lips, Mina." "Keep your legs spread and grab your tits" "Lean back like you`re going to get fucked." "Spread open your pussy lips.

Next Next Mina is a nice girl and you feel almost guilty about compromising this young thing,well almost that game stopped half way,the screen went all black and i cooudent do more even though it just had gotten to the interresting part,but anyway ive played it before on another site but cute girl,its a shame you dont really get to use her for more than just visual stimulation.

This game should also definitely have rough intercourse in it, and, if it were going to suit me, have accompaniment with bondage.

If the drink is supposed to make her disoriented and exploitable, it should really do so.

Mina is the best part of the game -- I was really turned off by a lot of the aggressive dialogue from the male character.