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The frame was then hung out to dry and bleached in the sunlight.Gunpowder’s invention was actually an accident by Chinese alchemists in the 9th century.In 1490, Hua Sui perfected movable type by putting the characters on bronze blocks instead of wood or clay.

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The thickness of a coffin and the number of coffins were reflections of wealth or nobility.

Also, the earliest known tree trunk coffins, or boat coffins, were of the Songze culture and the Dawenkou culture, recorded dates between 4000-3000 BC and 4100-2600 BC respectively.

Europeans wouldn’t start using forks until roughly 4000 years later.

Forks were an exclusive dining tool for the ruling class, and came in two- and three-pronged varieties like they do now.

The first iron compasses created during the Han Dynasty were not used for navigation.