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Please respect any trip stops designated as "no hammers", "no collecting" or the like. They contain xenoliths and large pen- dants of metasedimentary and metavolcanic rock.

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, Weston Observatory, Boston College Smith, Paul V., Weston Observatory, Boston College Zartman, R. IV TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE FOREWORD ii CONFERENCE ORGANIZATION iii TABLE OF CONTENTS iv GENERAL STRUCTURAL SETTING OF RHODE ISLAND AND TECTCNIC HISTORY OF SOUTHEASTERN NEW ENGLAND: Patrick J. Moreover, the increased network of seismographs in the region is greatly improving our knowledge of present day tectonic activity.

Geological Survey (Denver) ACKNOWLEDGMENT The editors extend their thanks to numerous University of Rhode Island graduate and undergraduate students for their assistance In the assembly of the NEIGC announcement and this guidebook. A-l DISTRIBUTION AND STRUCTURAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE OAKDALE FORM- ATION IN NORTHEASTERN CONNECTICUT: M. Skehan 67 R-3 THE BLACXSTCNE SERIES: EVIDENCE FOR AN AVALONIAN PLATE MARGIN IN NORTHERN RHODE ISLAND: Dreier, R. and Mosher, S 93 R-4 IGNEOUS ROCKS OF NORTHERN RHODE ISLAND: Malcolm J. Carroll .103 B-5 CONTACT RELATIONSHIPS OF THE LATE PALEZOIC NARRAGANSETT PIER GRANITE AND COUNTRY ROCK: 0. Fisher 153 E-7 THE GEOLOGIC SETTING OF COAL AND CARBONACEOUS MATERIAL, NARRA- GANSETT BASIN, SOUTHEASTERN NEW ENGLAND: D. The close match of magnetic and gravity data with surface geology has led to the discovery of important regional features and now provides a way to map through the glacial cover.

This appears to have been due to a compressive force acting in a north- east to southwest direction.

The Merrimack province to the west in Connecticut and east-central Massa- chusetts is formed of a very thick west-dipping and west-topping sequence of pre- Silurian siltstone, graywacke, and shale.

Christopher Hepburn and Judith Rehmer 47 B-2 THE GEOLOGY OF PRECAMBRIAN ROCKS OF NEWPORT AND MIDDLETOWN, RHODE ISLAND: Nicholas Rast and James W. Smith 125 B-6 FIELD GUIDE TO COASTAL ENVIRONMENTAL GEOLOGY OF RHODE ISLAND'S BARRIER BEACH COASTLINE; John J. Good aeromagnetic and gravity data now exist or are in preparation for most of this region and excellent Landsat images are available.