Dating musical taste

His main song, “You’re Welcome,” provides a hilarious window into his macho, self-involved character; in a less enlightened casting maneuver, he might’ve been voiced by Jack Black.

Dwayne Johnson, however, who has steadily become as adept at sending up his virility as indulging its extremes, does just fine in the role.

New Orleans' Old World roots have created a strong foundation and long-standing appreciation for the arts.

Early residents of the city often traveled back to Europe for musical instruction or training in the visual arts.

READ MORE: Meet the ‘Moana’ Producer Who Helped Disney Animate Female Empowerment Set on the vibrant Montonui island, “Moana” focuses on the title character (newcomer Auli’i Cravalho), who is raised in an isolated, self-sustaining community under the assumption that she’ll never venture out beyond the reef.

As a young adult, however, she uncovers her people’s sea-faring past, just in time for her ailing grandmother (Rachel House) to explain that Moana has been chosen by the ocean to control its waves.

While early criticisms of the movie assailed Maui’s physique for suggesting an overweight stereotype, the joke is rather that he’s something of a meathead, who’s covered with living 2-D tattoos that bounce around his pecs on cue.