Dating needing relationship space

Sure, everyone is different and you might just find that person that needs exactly the same amount of space as you.

After working our Starbucks shift together (Eric was my supervisor. ), I needed food and he happened to be the one who made it the “social experience” I needed to nourish myself. Because I’m still pretty new to this whole “personal space in a relationship” idea, I’ve recruited the expertise of the Pastor who married us, Warren Higley, and his lovely wife Elizabeth who has a career in the mental health field.

I sat down with our pastor and his wife for a little Q&A on how much personal space is needed in a relationship.

I’ll let Warren and Elizabeth answer that: “Personal space in a relationship is always important. Personal space is needed for individuals to be in touch with their own identity.

This is a prerequisite to making a healthy contribution to a relationship and forming a healthy relationship identity.” Guys, poker night is a go! If you’re feeling suffocated in your relationship, it’s not completely the other person’s fault if you’re not clearly communicating your needs to them before you feel like the walls are closing in around you.

It’s easy to misinterpret their need for personal space as a sign they don’t care but some people get emotionally-claustrophobic.