Dating nigerian single mothers

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She then brings out an acceptance letter which you can see her carrying and dancing, people come out to spray money again and then she hands it over to the inlaws.

Now that things have exchanged hands it’s time for me to come out. See ehn, Molbaks designed a very pretty veil with flowers to go with my aso oke, but errr…my sister forgot it at home.

I knelt down, he prayed for his new bride and I asked him for garri money…he had to bring money from his pocket to give to me These Alaga’s can be very mischievoious…he was told to kiss my ring, forehead, my nose, my chin, then my chest….

Bobo said “ahhhh…..noooooo” he said he was satisfied with kissing the neck. If the bride is pregnant the groom will have to kiss the bump as well. I don’t think cutting cake is part of the original tradition oh but we had a cake and we had to cut it ! After that my dad gave me and bobo the dowry (as is tradition, to imply that I am not being sold! Typically I would change into another outfit but guess what again?

Then I proceeded to go behind them to greet my inlaws family as you can see.