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More information on Love, Sex, Dating, and many other important topics related to Parenting Teens can be found in my book "The Angst of Adolescence: How to Parent Your Teen and Live to Laugh About It (link is external)" published by Bibliomotion, Inc.(link is external)Copyright © 2015 by Sara Villanueva When children are discovering who they are and there place in the world, confusing them with romantic intimacy does not help.It is my opinion that friendships can and should exist for teens without the pressure of intimately being involved. And being older provides no guarantee against getting hurt or falling too hard for someone who doesn't feel the same about you.

To help you put things in perspective (i.e., is the age at which my teen begins dating normal? This is, whether we like it or not, when things get real.

You recall me stating earlier that dating during the teen years serves as a type of practice for future relationships?

I don't view this article as good news I see it as a sentence for those who don't conform, & a detriment to those who do.

It's not emotionally healthy for teens to experience the emotional rollercoaster of adult relationships.

This is why so many people exclaim, “I never knew love could be so . Before we continue with how romantic love develops in adolescence, let’s consider dating.