Dating old ink bottles

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Glass makers called this plain style (i.e., with no horizontal ring/rings at the shoulder) the “plain cone” style (Whitney Glass Works 1904).

These particular cone ink bottles are typically blow-pipe or “open” pontil scarred, have a rolled finish, typically about 2.3″ to 2.5″ tall and 2.5″ in diameter, were blown in a true two-piece “hinge” mold with no air venting, and are attributed to Portland druggist Nathan Wood (druggists often bottled ink in the 19th century and before) who was in business from at least as early as 1851 until at least the late 1880’s; Nathan died in 1887 though his son continued the drug business after that time (Mc Kearin & Wilson 1978; Faulkner 2009).

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The earliest bottles known are pontiled and smooth base umbrellas ink bottles bearing their label. The card shows the classic Carter’s Inx figural china bottles.